In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to five (out of many!) health and wellness speakers who are just waiting for you to listen up!’

We all want to be the happiest version of ourselves. If you’re feeling a little blue lately, that’s probably because you aren’t getting the most out of your life or your current situation. You might not know it yet but staying healthy and well is one of the best ways to do that.

Becoming healthier and happier doesn’t have to feel like a super-stressful process. It can be enjoyable if you know where to look for inspiration. After all, staying healthy is going to make you happier than anything else will. But where do you start? What are the best ways to become healthier and happier?


Former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

With a medical, scientific, and philanthropic career that spans more than 30 years, Dr. Sue Desmond-Hellmann has devoted her life to improving the human condition through innovation. Most recently, she was the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, leading the organization’s vision for a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.


Senior Correspondent for Science; Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Vaccines, Public Health, and Genomics Expert

Jon Cohen is a widely published magazine writer and author of four nonfiction books on scientific topics. Cohen is a senior correspondent with Science, and also has written for the New YorkerAtlantic Monthly, the New York Times Magazine, BuzzFeed, Smithsonian, Technology Review, Outside, Slate, Surfer, and many other publications. His television appearances include the PBS NewsHour, the TODAY Show, and the Larry King Show, and he also has been on several NPR and BBC radio shows.

Cohen specializes in biomedicine and is widely known for his coverage of epidemics (HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, Ebola, influenza), immunology, vaccines, and global health. He also has reported extensively on genetics, primate research, evolution, bioterrorism, research funding, ethics, reproductive biology, credit battles, and the media itself.

 Dr. Joan Borysenko
Leading Expert on Stress, Spirituality, and the Mind/Body Connection

Dr. Joan Borysenko is a distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine and a world-renowned expert in the mind/body connection. Her work has been foundational in an international health-care revolution that recognizes the role of meaning, and the spiritual dimensions of life, as an integral part of health and healing.

Eloquent and inspiring in settings that range from hospitals to hospices, from theaters to conference venues, and from boardrooms to houses of worship, she is a credible bridge between faith and reason. Her brilliance, humor, and authenticity – in combination with the latest research – make her a compelling and inspiring speaker and writer.

Dr. Borysenko’s keynote presentations cover Mindfulness, the Mind-Body Connection and Developing Resilience in Times of Change. In the early 1980’s Dr. Borysenko co-founded a Mind/Body clinic with Dr. Benson and Dr. Ilan Kutz, with her years of clinical experience and research culminating in the 1987 publication of the New York Times best-seller, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, which sold over 400,000 copies.

Chris Johnson
Speaks about Health, Wellness, and Peak Performance

Chris Johnson is the leading authority on small steps to healthy living. As Founder/CEO of On Target Living, Chris is a highly respected expert and accomplished executive, who has spent over 30 years researching and building optimal health and performance programs for individuals and corporations. He is the architect of the Food Target® that shifts from counting calories to concentrating on the nutrient values of foods that guide healthy choices.

Chris likes to say he was ‘raised by wolves’. Growing up struggling with terrible skin and chronic health issues, he had no idea how his lifestyle affected his health. The doctors couldn’t help him, and despite all the medications they prescribed, his health did not improve. By his mid-20’s, deeply frustrated and feeling hopeless, Chris set out to heal himself.

On his quest, he learned how food affects the body, the importance of sleep, and why people need to move. These discoveries transformed his life. Conditions which plagued him for years disappeared, and his energy and attitude reached new heights. Amazed at how good he felt, Chris knew he’d found his calling, and needed to share his discoveries.

Shawn Achor

Keynote speaker Shawn Achor possesses an undeniable artistry in explaining the real connection between happiness and success. Shawn’s TED talk on happiness currently has more than 10 million views and his books are national bestsellers. His topics continue to gain popularity and the simplicity of his message makes him a highly requested speaker. For any type of audience, our speaker Shawn Achor has the ability to change perspectives and make positive changes through a focus on happiness.

Matias Amaya - CEO at Breakzen LLC

Matias Amaya is the CEO and founder of Breakzen, a wellness community that connects people with nearby professionals. Matias created Breakzen in 2022 after struggling to find good wellness professionals near his home in New York. He knew there had to be a better way for people to find the wellness services they need, so he created the Breakzen app, which is now available across the United States.