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Connect with health and wellness professionals to make lifestyle changes and achieve your personal health goals. Here you will find personal trainers, healers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, life coaches and more near your area.

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We have the right wellness solution for you

Our professionals develop wellness solutions that empower you to establish sustainable healthy habits and gain insight into your behavior so you can make positive lifestyle changes.

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Personal Trainer

You can now find a personal trainer near you using the Breakzen app, which can help you achieve your daily goals and assist with your training.

After you choose the right professional that fits your needs, you can book an in-person or a virtual session immediately from the app.


How to find a nutritionist near you? Now using the Breakzen app, You can find a professional nutritionist to help you achieve your daily goals and maintain a healthy diet using the app.

Once you’ve found the right professional, you can reserve an in-person or virtual appointment immediately using the app.


Using Breakzen, you can locate a yoga instructor in your area who can help you meet your daily goals and perform exercises.

Whether you’re looking for a wellness health coach or an instructor, you can find what you want using the app. You can book for an in-person session or a virtual session right away from the app!.

Life Coach

Using the Breakzen app, you can find a life coach near you right now.

A life coach is critical because it can assist you in reaching your personal objectives, reducing stress, and solving problems in your life.

Massage therapist

With our wellness community, you can find a nearby massage therapist right now. Make an appointment with a local massage professional using the Breakzen app and receive or travel to their studio for a massage.

Reduce your stress and feel better right now, today!

What a health and wellness practitioner does?

Since the healthcare system is always changing, a health and wellness specialist provides personalised care for each person based on their unique goals.

Your wellness specialist can assist you in improving your health and wellness so you can feel better and more alive right now through diet, relaxation activities, and physical training.


Is there a membership?

If you’re a client, then Breakzen is 100% free of charge for you. If you are a professional looking to meet new clients, we offer 2 different memberships for you to choose the one that best suits you.

Can I rest assured the professionals are licensed and trustworthy?

Absolutely! All out trainers, therapists, healers and nutritionist go through a background check process and need to verify their accounts before joining. If you want to check for yourself, you can always access the professional’s profile and read other clients’ reviews.

What benefits do I obtain with the membership?

Once you sign up as professional and choose your membership, you will have access to the latest marketing services such as 24/7 advertisement, interaction with clients, photos, and clients’ reviews, among many other benefits.

How do I hire a professional?

The process is easy and fast. You can search or select a professional from your home page and that’s it! You’re ready to check their profiles, connect with them, and hire the one that best suits you. If you are looking for a specific service, you can always list a job and receive offers.

Can I interact with other users?

Of course! We are a community, and as such, we offer you the opportunity to participate in social groups and chat online.